How does it work?

Get beacons

Find a list of beacon manufacturers on the dashboard.

Create a campaign

Create content with the tools we provide.

Deploy & analyze

Deploy the beacons on location and measure the response.

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What's included?

Nearby Notification Deal


Create deals to market products and services. With details like website, phone and route. People can save the deal on their phone to access it at a later time.

Nearby Notification Coupon


A fun and easy way to engage with your audience and get leads. People can redeem coupons in exchange for information like email and postal codes.

Nearby Notification Reward


Reward customers for their loyalty. Choose the number of times a visitor has to check in, and at the last check-in the reward can be redeemed.

Nearby Notification Business Card

Business Cards

Digital business cards aren't the future, they are already here. Broadcast your details to people nearby.

Nearby Notification Page


Rich text content pages for contextual information about places and objects.